Blogs–influence and audience share

In discussing a post by Frank Barnako about blogs’ size and influence, Jeff Jarvis hits a key point–if you analyze the data, there are bloggers getting more monthly traffic than individual columnists–and blogs getting more unique visitors than some so-called big media.
Jeff says : “I can (but won’t) name many national magazine and local newspaper sites that don’t get the traffic and audience of these bloggers.”
Jeff is absolutely right.
One only has to see the dollars Nick Denton and others are getting from advertisers to realize how mainstream media’s audience is breaking apart–and how quickly some new media properties are being perceived as “big” media.
The blog mix of passionate and knowledge voices, fast response and reaction, and inexpensive publishing is changing publishing, just as digital video, cell phone, cheap cameras and P2P file exchange are changing what we watch media.
Furthermore, the cost of entry into the marketplace is so low, new product innovation and experimentation can be extraordinarily high–great stuff for a culture that thrives on novelty, another area where established brands find it hard to compete.