CNN’s (Very dry) Blogosphere

Kevin Burton pointed me to CNN’s Election 2004 Blogosphere page. It’s interesting that CNN hired a communications company, not a journalist, blogger or search firm, to analyze the results.
Also noticed the description of Who Blogs? on the CNN Blogosphere FAQ page. It says, in part:
“While the earliest adopters of blogging were technologists searching for a simpler method of expressing their opinions through the Internet, those wishing to make their political opinions and observations available to others quickly adopted weblogs. Shortly after the adoption by technologists and politicos, younger Internet users rapidly began adopting weblogs as a journal or diary to share with others, however, today people of all ages and technological abilities have adopted and use weblogs. For example, new mothers have adopted blogs as a convenient and time saving way to provide updates to friends and family on developments with the new child without having to answer tens of e-mails everyday.
Am I the only person who thinks this description is really enervating(aka sucks the life right out of blogging)?