New: Cool (tech) Tools

Google’s got a desktop. This tool will find things all over your hard-drive–testing now. Battelle says “This seamlessly integrates your hardrive into Google.” ( More from Om, Kottke, SEO blog, etc.)
Google’s got an IM Client too(it’s Hello). (Via I nside Google via Battelle)
AOL: Netscape 7.2 browser was second most popular browser on the web in August; more than 4 MM downloaded since the GM release in August.
And CNET reports that AOL’s confirmed they are working on a desktop client, too. (Naturally.)
Open Media: Jd Lasica, Marc Cantor, Lucas Gonze, Christopher Allen, Brad deGraf and a score and then some of folks are working on an open archive of digital media. Everyone came to it in a different way, but this is an idea whose time is here, give it your support.
As someone said to me yesterday: “It feels like everything is moving faster and faster and we have to get going or we’ll be left behind.”
Translation: New technologies are driving new behaviors and dollars, time spent, behaviors and mind share are all shifting.