Tacoda Systems to provide audience targeting services for NYTimes sites; Grey Lady switching from in-house system. (Via Media Post)
Quigo attracts publishers who want text-ad choices other than Google. Chief Executive Mike Yavonditte: “We verticalize the world.” (Also MP)
Nick Denton: I think any area where they print reviews, which are review driven, product review driven, like beauty products or gadgets — any product like that is actually pretty suited to either discussions or Web logs. (Via iMedia Connection)
RSS Publishing: Anne Zeiger has started a useful new list.
NexTag launches comparison shopping site for services such as mortages and loans.
Akimbo: Connect your wired or wireless home networks to the Akimbo Player, which connects to their televisions through standard cables. Get video and TV off the web; store in in your settop box, watch on demand. Release says “It is Akimbo’s goal to provide the most comprehensive selection of video-on-demand programming available on TV. ” Player’s exclusive on Amazon.