Noted: Media

Sindikk.aeshin: Google’s top news story on Oct. 1 is a (Daily Kos) blog post–a first. (Markos is now immortal.) Life Magazine rolls out in Sunday newspapers this week. (Via I want media)
Denver Post: Phil Anschutz forms Clarity Media to manage his newspaper holdings– SF Examiner and 3 DC papers.
E&P: AZCentral, one of the better online newspaper sites (IMHO), has a new design. Less clutter, more multimedia, bigger IAB ad slots.(Via Paid Content).
ShopEtc: New shopping mag’s group blog takes center stage as second issue hits newsstands. (Disclosure: I worked on this.)
CBSMarketWatch: Time Warner will keep AOL–for now. Why does anyone think they’d ever want to sell it?–Oh yeah, they totally screwed their business, I forgot.