ONA award finalists: an incomplete list

Today, The Online News Association announced this year’s finalists for the annual Online Journalism Awards(the list hasn’t been posted to journalists.org yet).
There are some terrific sites and packages listed, including CBS’s Prisoner Abuse at Abu Ghraib, PBS’s” Murder, Race, Justice: The State vs. Darryl Hunt, San Diego’s ” Firestorm 2003” and Fresno Bee- PE.com’s Wildfire coverage.
My personal favorites Dan Gillmor’s eJournal and OJR’s Mark Glaser are both finalists, as are all the great big sites like WashPo, NYTimes and BBC.
However, the list as as interesting for what isn’t there, as for what is.
Where’s the political coverage from Daily Kos and Josh Marshall?
How about the business journalism of Rafat Ali’s Paid Content?
And the locally-focused sites such as Gothamist and Coastsider?
Is it that these entities didn’t nominate themselves, or that the judges only considered *traditional* (would that be corporate?) institutions when they made their choices?
In this election year, when news was broken–and made–by more than one solo practioner, I would hope their achievements in covering the news would be recognized, not MIA.
Wake up people, and smell the coffee.
Don’t let colleagues go by the wayside because they write and publish in a different form than you are accustomed to–it just makes you look out of touch.