The future of online classifieds

Brian Dear asks: “Why might we need eBay less and less? Consider craigslist with RSS, or, better yet, a notification service tied to RSS or email. “Notify me when a sofa with the following attributes and in the following price range and in the following general geographical area goes on sale.”
And then Brian asks–getting at questions about the real future of classifieds when reputation enters the game:
“And maybe the question should also be, do we even need craigslist in such a world? What happens if you can just post lists on your blog of things you want to sell and things you want to buy, and hang them out there in RSS feeds waiting to be scooped up by Technorati-style bots, who in turn notify people who live within driving (maybe even walking) distance of you?”
This is exactly right–for at least a percentage of items–and fits right into what Tribe is hoping to deliver.

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