Bakerina: Beats meat (at work)

Bakerina is one of the reasons I love blogs.
On staff at a marketing corp in NYC during the day, after hours, Bakerina turns into a damn fine cook, whose adventures veer between MFK Fisher, Little Lulu and Carole Lombard.
Last week, she brought her dinner to the office, raw, all the better to marinate…
“…I took the damn steaks to work, along with the adobo seasoning and salt, as well as a freezer bag to hold everything… At the first allowable break in la Marche Futile, I sneaked into the cafeteria, squeezed the lime juice into the bag, crushed a few cloves of garlic and threw them in, shook in a little salt and a lot of adobo, and dropped in the steaks, which looked nice and tiny in the meat case at Whole Foods but turned out to be eighteen inches long each. (Note to self:… I decided that if I kept it in my shoulder bag, it should stay pretty cool (and it did), so I carried back to my desk, half-wedged in the crook of my elbow, hoping all the way that nobody would catch me carrying my bag of raw meat….”
More here. And it’s like this all the time!