Bloggercon: Journalism, with Scott Rosenberg

Discussions about blogging and journalism, doesn’t seem like a new conversation. Jim Kennedy of AP talking about the audience wanting to talk back and the ecosystem of blogging as a mesh with the professional reporters.
Scott R: Hey, it’s just us–there are a lot of people doing journalism on the web and not waiting for a paycheck or an imprimatur.
Winer: If you’ve spent a lifetime becoming an expert in an area and your point of view gets mangled every time you get quoted, you want to work around that.
Susan puts her two cents in and talks about how bigger magazines are trying to figure out thet right balance in blogging with their editorial voice and recognizing the reader and involving them in ways that acknowledge their passion and expertise.
Good discussion about objectivity, ethics, and advocacy in media.
Paul Schreiber asks the room: Why would anyone want to ever talk to to the PR people or the paid shills?
Scott R: This is the Cluetrain idea–that there are levels of intermediation that will go away…
Last comments:
Trevor Cook, PR Blogger: People use PR so the CEO’s comments don’t get mangled.
Room: Why doesn’t the CEO blog?
Dan Gillmor: The old intermediaries like Gartner are not going away, they are being changed out for people like Doc Searls.