Bloggers vs.Journalists: Game over

NZ Bear has a piece on TechCentral Station explaining how tired the blogger vs. journalist thing is (also known these days as pajamas vs. suits.)
Bear sez “If you were an editor looking for a new hire these days, what would your first moveafter checking your candidate’s resume and clips?To check their blog, of course,” and IMHO he is completely right.
After all, 5 years from now publishing is not going to look much like what we see today– Amazon and eBay will be publishing magalogs, 50% of so-called online newspapers will be written by non-staff people, most media will be distributed via RSS and onto mobiles, and comments will be considered as entertaining as posts.
So what’s there to fight about (if you’re not an ostrich or a dinosaur, I mean)?
Note: This is another post Blogger chewed up. I’m gonna quit whining, and just quit this system for something that works–consistently.