Google–Ok, Froogle–launches lists

Google’s gone into the list biz with the launch of Froogle lists and wish lists, the public and private way to keep track of–and share data on–things that you want.
To create a list you need a log in to Gmail or Google Groups or sign in here to create an account; once you make a list you can create a public Wish List by publishing it.
This is not only a shove back at Amazon, it’s another smart integration play by Google as they get ready to launch more mobile features (just think about it.)
(Via Andy Beal and Anil Dash)
PS The Achilles heel here is that the results suck. It is IMPOSSIBLE to search for a woman’s black t shirt for example–unless your dream is to purchase one from MidWest Choppers. So, like Microsoft, Google still has a way to go in the consumer packaging department of executing well on what is a very good idea.
PS Wishlists for GlitchNYC, Jason Shellen and me –anyone else have one to add?
PPS Seth Godin’s good idea–Sales & bargain news.