Julie Leung’s 15 minutes

One of the great things about the web–and blogging–is how there’s greater access to getting ideas and writing into the world. I was reminded of this when a friend pointed me to my new favorite blog, Manolo Shoes, one of the funniest blogs I have ever read (and with great shoe picks, too)–six weeks ago, this site didn’t exist, and now I check it every day–and assume lots of other people do, too. No PR, no big media, just great writing as a means to gain an audience.
Julie Leung is another blogger who I’ve come to read regularly and a voice having some impact, I’d say. A full-time mom and household CEO, she lives on Bainbridge Island, Washington, but is originally from Silicon Valley, where her husband, another blogger, is part of the Open Source Applications Foundation (he mostly works from home.)
Julie’s posts are forcefully simple, sincere, direct–and warm–she’s makes me think of a high-tech Quaker in some ways, and of another wonderful writer with strong values– Kathleen Norris. (Oh, and of course she has a great sense of humor, strong values, and takes good pictures.)
Anyway, this is a long-winded way of saying I didn’t realize until this morning that the feature stories in my news aggregator about blogging in Kitsap County, WA featured Julie!
Julie was one of several local bloggers featured and she made the cover of the local weekly. Point here is that someone who writes very personally has the chance to be read by others who find her…and find value. Readers and writers can find one another in a fairly organic way.
Congrats, Julie…and keep having fun.