Kelsey conference on local media–Get ya (free) presos

The Kelsey Group conference on Local Media was last week in Jersey City. For those (like me) who missed it, they’ve kindly put many of the presos on the web.
Some useful ones:
Mary Meeker’s Trends and Opportunities keynote–a strong preso that extends her recent white paper.
Mark PincusTribe preso. A very crisp and attractive telling of the Tribe story with a push toward adding more affiliate partners.
Session on classifieds and directory merging: An all too short preso for what looks like a good panel and a timely topic.
More on the sessions here, including pointers from Ahorre, Paid Content and Tony Gentile, who first posted these links.
UPDATE, 11/24: Got a note (thanks!) that all the links don’t work–and the server seems to be down. So if you want the Meeker preso or the others, email me–Miz Packrat here saved them.