New: Variety launches shopping blog

Just learned (from reading Steve Rubel) that Variety launched a shopping blog called The Stylephile a few days ago. It joins a gaming blog and a comic book biz blog-but this one is a guide to sample sales, launch parties, and web etailers. Unlike the other two, this one has no byline.
I’ve been reading a number of fashion and shopping-blogs lately and while it’s great to see the category picking up, this Variety blog seems a bit odd–it’s almost good, but not quite there yet.
Seems like The Stylephile’s real target is the long-established Daily Candy, a franchise it will take work to beat.
StyleMaven, Cool Hunting (yes, I love this blog), the recently concluded Hot Pants(spicy lingerie) and the hilarious ManoloShoes–all engage my interest more fully than either Stylephile or Candy.
Still, it’s only been 4 days–so this is a promising start.
(My personal sleeper fave: ShopTalk, the blog–still under development, but with a nice range of voices–hear they may be looking for additional guest bloggers, too.)