Noted: Majestic Research

Back in the day, there was this smart guy in New York named Seth Goldstein, who started a web company called Site Specific that was bought (weren’t they all) by CKS for $6 million bucks. Seth eventually ended up with a low-key investment company called Majestic Partners, but last spring that morphed into Majestic Research, a new kind of investment research company that provides third-party research to investors.
I checked out their site and was amazed to see a full company and intrigued to see they’ve already been written up in the Wall Street Journal and blogged by Fred Wilson and others.
Their new CEO, Doug Atkins, joined just a few weeks ago and they’re getting press today for just released data on the Google desktop.
What’s interesting to me here is:
A) Someone smart is back in the game with a visible new company.
B) They’ve got an untraditional business model.
C) Their data is intriguing–as is the list of companies they say they cover in a PDF on their web site– areas of focus include online retail(eBay and Amazon), auto retail (AutoByTel, CarMax), online travel, paid search, casinos and gaming.
It’s also a great looking web site, highly usable–with great data I hope they keep releasing.
(Via John Battelle)

Unrelated side note and rant: It took 36 hours to get this post up because first Blogger ate it, and then the Blogger site died for night. Arrggh. Software from big rich tech companies is supposed to work(not that it always does.).