NY: City as stage

A hustler on the subway selling genuine DVDs of new movies– Polar Express, Sideways and Bridget Jones 2, for example, for $5.00 each. “I’ve got my DVD player right here folks–and my business card and web site is on the back.”
The guy next to me at a performance of Ain’t Gonna Die a Natural Death, talking to his friend: “I’ve got two storage spaces filled with books and papers I plan to give to the Library of Congress. When you’re well-known, they come after you for your stuff.”
Two women at Mangia on 57th at lunch-salad and water–with one holding up a pair of 4-inch silver stiletto sandals, saying, “They’re a little large–but the price was great.”
10 20-somethings at Sushi Scuba, a favorite dinner spot, every one of them dressed in slacks and blue shirts, drinking and laughing. One says “Yeah, Keats, Bedford and Longsworth in da house!” (Okay, I made that last part up–or Spencer did. The guy really said “I LIKE sushi!!!”
and I’m not sure he meant raw fish. )

Point being, there is a natural sense of drama to life in NY that is great fun, most of the time.