OJR: MSN GM imagines a blogging business

Mark Glaser: MSN Network GM Scott Moore says user-generated content is the most interesting area for the future and highlights ways MSN might work with bloggers in the future in this article as a side note in Glaser’s piece on for-sale web sites like Marketwatch.
Quote: “If you’re a blogger, MSN might come to you and say, ‘We want to distribute you. We’ll send you traffic and we want you to run these ads on your site, and you’ll get a share of revenues on that. That’s probably an offer that many bloggers are going to be interested in because they don’t want to have to invest in creating that kind of infrastructure, and they would value the traffic.”
In the past two weeks I have had people tell me that no one but Denton and Calcanis are doing a good job with commercializing blog publishing, and then tell me about someone else who is doing–or starting to do, blog publishing.
Conclusion: one of the flavors of the minute has emerged and it’s called Mass market blogging is about to hit, better get involved.