Post election thoughts

Many in the blogging community were silent this am, having stayed up late to watch and read about the election. I was feeling very down about Bush’s reelection. I was (and still am) disappointed Kerry lost.
I am also concerned about a couple of things:
1) The election shows how the country is polarized in terms of priorities, beliefs, and values–We may all watch the same hit movies and TV shows, but under the surface, there are clearly profound differences.
2) Bush’s record on the environment is abysmal. The idea we may further accelerate global warming and destroy what’s left of undeveloped wilderness in the next 4 years is alarming.
Many people I spoke with in the course of the day expressed fatigue, disappointment and dismay after the election. Everyone is worried that Bush will take this vote of confidence and use it as a battering ram on Roe vs. Wade, money for after-school programs, etc.
The short version would be that activism and involvement don’t end after the election.
This is just the beginning–and would have been no matter who was elected.
The MoveOn team sent out a note that said, in part:
“Although George Bush won by 3% nationally, we must remember that 55.4 million Americans stood with John Kerry… And a healthy environment, a strong and fair economy, good schools, domestic safety and the end of the war in Iraq are goals we all share.”
It’s time to invest more time to support positive change–I’m just not sure of the best way to do that.