Some NY notes

On the subway platform yesterday, I watched a tall, thin woman with dark blonde hair and stork-like legs stroll the platform, Scanning her jeans, clogs, and wool jacket, I thought about how tall and thin she was, unlike me. When the woman turned I realized she was the same girl I used to look at when I lived in South Orange–she was probably 19 then, with long, straight hair, and when I’d see her behind the counter at the bakery, or taking the train to the City, I’d think the same kinds of thoughts. Now here she was four years later–with cropped hair, mostly likely in a completely different life.
Since I didn’t really know her, I said nothing, just got on the train.
It seems strange to meet someone I didn’t know in the middle of the city–to see a stranger you recognize after so much time.
As I stepped into the car, a man’s voice said Susan! I looked up and it was Gary Welz, who worked with me at New Jersey Online and helped build the site. I’d seen him once, at a mutual friend’s event, in the ensuring 8 years. Now here he was again, on the train. Wow.
Between 42nd and Canal we caught up. He teaches math and is an actor, does some other things.
Later that night, I went to a reception and ended up having another unexpected conversation–with someone who now has a job very similar to one I once had at the same company. We talked about the company and the products and the culture and the business and it turned into this great conversation. Amazing.