Twinkler: Put it on the list

I am obsessed with lists, with how lists should work on the web, and so on…so I am eager to see Erik Benson/ Robot Coop’s 43 Things/ Twinkler, which is supposed to be here–but isn’t right now.
Erik sez:
“The basic idea of 43 Things is this: it?s a well known fact that by writing down your goals you greatly increase the chances of actually completing them. Part of it is just knowing what your goals are. Another is being able to hold yourself accountable. Here?s a place to write down some things you want to do with this life, look at what other people want to do, and generally think about what makes life exciting for you.”
“The sites that were in the forefront of our mind were Flickr?s Tags ( ), and Marumushi?s Newsmap (…”
Update: Steve Rubel also posted on this, as did Shakermaker and others…
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