Yahoo girds up to eclipse AOL

Just realized that Yahoo‘s hiring of Lloyd Braun to run their media and entertainment group may be closely tied to their competition with AOL for the ‘wired’ mass market and the ad dollars they bring.
Just recently, for example, Yahoo managed to beat AOL’s lead with Instant Messenger.
How’d they do it?
Adding a link to their music service, thereby adding 22 million uniques to the mix.
AOL, of course, fights back by offering an ever-increasing portfolio of First Look, First Listen and You Decide hooks–Gwen Stefani videos, Who wants to be a Millionaire friends lists, TV previews and so on.
Lloyd Braun–who oversaw the development of ” Lost” and ” Desperate Housewives“–should be a good choice to lead Yahoo Entertainment’s metamorphosis into a demographically targeted, multiplatform distribution channel–assuming the biggest need is to get a Hollywood insider who can freeze AOL out. A self-confessed web newbie, Braun clearly has the connections–and the creativity–to ratchet Yahoo media up a notch so long as somone else is explaining the Yahoo arsenal of utilities and tools.