Blogosphere: Le Monde blog offer

A Wharton biz school student I know translated the Le Monde blogging offer. He writes:
“LeMonde is basically offering to all subscribers the ability to create their own personal blog within the newspaper’s online site ( The subscription, which gives access to all traditional articles online, is 6euros/month or roughly $8/mo. This new blog tool kit is to be made available in December of 2004. They have a set of rules that can be found at (in French),1-0@2-3388,36-389436,0.htm) which includes such things as inability to paste in articles or photos from Le Monde. It is unclear if the blogs can be monetized – nothing in their rules seems to prohibit this – but the newspaper reserves the right to shutdown any blog, for any reason.”
It’s interesting that the blogging price also provides access to online articles–and to their reuse? that is unclear.