Chris Locke: From Rageboy to Chief Blogging Officer

Highbeam Research has hired Chris Locke, author, blogger and iconoclast, to act as ‘Chief Blogging Officer’–a job that’s intended to demonstrate to bloggers how they can use Highbeam’s research documents in their sites. I’m delighted for Chris, but am a bit amused(bemused?) at how many companies are now starting to think about how they can make money off bloggers, at the same time that biz folks are (still) saying there’s no money in blogs. In other words, a good chunk of the Chiefblogging site that isn’t Locke’s sharp perspective seems to offer links to abbreviated versions of Highbeam client’s archived articles, like this April 2000 Nation piece by Katha Pollitt, linked to an upsell offer.
On the other hand, reading this is priceless– Scoble, move over.