Citizen Journalism: Businesses start to build

Dan Gillmor announced today he’s leaving the Merc to co-found a grassroots journalism venture (how exciting), Jeff Jarvis’ latest big idea seems to be a network of online journals so local businesses can negotiate one deal and have their advertisements appear on several sites simultaneously(Via Leslie Walker in Washington Post), and Pegasus News’ somewhat veiled (they are out there pitching) co-founders say their grassroots media project will trump Belo(and presumably others, once they wrestle Advance’s local initiatives to the ground (joke).
All this smacks of a hard look at South Korea’s ohmynews, a need to find the next big media thing now that the high of election blogging has died down, and the realization the local ad market has dollars, but limited solutions to spend them on.
Scoble has a good list of technology tools required, based on a reading of Dan’s book(and general smarts) :
1) News gathering (camera phones, recording devices, portable computers, etc)
2) News propogation and comparison (email, instant messaging, chat, newsgroups)
3) News production (photo editing applications, word processors, content management, er, blogging tools)
4) News distribution systems (databases, server farms, web servers)
5) News reading (Web browsers and RSS aggregators)
6) News finding and trend analysis (search, link analysis, pattern analysis)
Change is coming, no doubt, and it is really exciting–hope we see some new experiences emerge with information and storytelling, just as they have with P2P and mixing in the music/media space.