Clarifications re “Competing with Craig” report

Bob Cauthorn and Peter Zollman were kind enough to offer some clarifications to yesterday’s post
First of all–and this is stating the obvious–Bob Cauthorn’s analysis used *no* proprietary information from the Chronicle.
Cauthorn says : “Anyone willing to do the homework and spend time studying the issue can come to precisely the same results as I did from the outside. Example: anyone can tally the number of listings, anyone can measure inches (and many folks do!) and anyone can run the calculations of the economic impact of Craigslist on the local market. –And of course, anyone can see that both the Chronicle and the Mercury News use Craigslist to post jobs.”
Peter Zollman also points out, quite correctly, that I’ve smushed together data on two reports–this past September’s report “Craig’s List, EBay and E-Commerce” is distinct from the new “Competing with Craig…”.
Zollman says “This one is much better about ‘strategies and tactics,’ the other was more about the impact of Craigslist and EBay on merchandise classifieds. They’re complementary, I think, with some minor duplication.”
The September report is
available for free as a sponsored PDF; a free preview of the new report is also available here. Original ClickZ story here.