Favorite blogs of 2004

Kottke’s got a post on his favorite blogs of 2004–including, of course, his own.
This is a nice idea and a way to thank some sites I seem to haunt regularly–so here’s my list of favorites, defined as those I visit the most often–on my (500 feeds and rising) newsreader and straight to the page.
Compulsively visited
Gawker–My guilty pleasure–and everyone else’s, too
Paid Content–First stop every morning
Buzzmachine–Jeff Jarvis was born to blog
Scripting News–Just as Dave Winer was born to invent blogging, RSS, podcasting and hula-hoops (okay, maybe not the last one)
Romenesko–Still consistent after all these years
Daily Doses
Searchblog–Search is Battelle’s (current) beat
Dan Gillmor’s eJournal–Insightful and honest new tech talk
Micropersuasion–Steve expects the unexpected
New Media Musings–I listen to JD’s open media POV
Cool Hunting–Josh Rubin, design maven
EditorsWeblog.org–A media view from outside the US

Always a delight
Manolo’s Shoe Blog–Theese Manolo, he the superfantastic funniest blogger
Stereogum–Never boring celebrity dish, with pix
The Superficial–Mean, shallow, and marvelous
Go Fug Yourself–Girlz just gotta have fug
BoingBoing–You know how good they are– Xeni rocks!
Waxy.org-Righteous links
Standard Deviance–Ellen tells it like it is
Gonna stop there-could list about 40 more…