How many movies do you watch in a year?

Mark Bernstein’s got a post commenting on his movie-going habits–both in theatre and at home. He says “This year, I’ve seen about 29 movies. I’ll probably add two more on New Years Eve. Only three seem to have been in theaters; that surprises me.”
This year, my movie-going shot up when I started subscribing to Netflix–we probably watch 6 movies a month from said source, plus 1-2 DVDs from family and friends, plus 2-3 movies a week on cable.
The big shifts in my world are

  • I watch almost no TV and less and less non-movie cable
  • The concept of having a DVD library of movies has finally taken hold
  • Going to the theatre is a more considered proposition, but the big screen delivers a value my little SONY system doesn’t have.

My 2004 movie tally: 60 movies, many of them forgettable, but many memorable. Some highlights: Wattstax, In the Realm of the Senses, Amelie, 28 Days Later (this is one of my favorite movies ever–I watch it every few months), Sideways.

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  1. Ryan says:

    It’s March 28th. and so far this year, I’ve watched 128 films.

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