Jason Kottke: Sony’s Chilling Effect

Perhaps you’ve been following the Kafka-esque experiences of designer and uber-blogger Jason Kottke as SONY (yes, that big corporation) puts the legal screws to him after he discloses Ken Jenning’s Jeopardy loss before air date on his blog.
What, you didn’t know a big company would sue a blogger for breaking that kind of news? Especially when the Washington Post ran the same story? Apparently, neither did Jason.
So now Kottke’s in some kind of legal hot water and talking (I think) with the Chilling Effects folks, the nonprofit legal group that helps protect free speech (we still have that, don’t we?). Meanwhile, this is alarming a number of people, who are both concerned for Jason, a pioneer in this space, and worried about legal precedent.
Tom Biro, Jason Calcanis, Steve Rubel, Chris Feola, Jeff Jarvis, Anil Dash, John Battelle , Rex Hammock and others (this is a PubSub feed) have all written about this situation. Scary thing is, it could happen to anyone–and it stinks.