Majestic Research conf rocked

Was at the Majestic Research conference in NY this afternoon; focus was ecommerce and paid search. Discussions a mix of industry tool presos and very cutting edge where is ecommerce going and how does paid search fit into the revenue mix. (You probably don’t want to know this, but I missed part of the conference because my temporary crown fell out suddenly, which meant racing across town to find a dentist to glue it back in (seems stable, now).
What was interesting to me was that no one in this mostly East Coast crowd focused much on the long tail, blogging, and disintermediated content–the only voice referencing that was Paul Kedosky, whose blog, Seeking Alpha, has a rundown of today’s conference here. However, there was terrific talk about Google, Yahoo, Overture, Froogle, AOL, Microsoft, eBay, Amazon and many other companies, large and small, and smart speculation on how the ad market may evolve.
I hope to post more notes in the next couple days.