More on transactional microcontent…

Pc4Media sez: “ Mernit & Rubel have an interesting back and forth going on about how ebay, craigslist, even Amazon will allow the future of mini-media companies, enabling the wider citizen’s media to generate mini-media type revenues…(snip)..
The other half is missing: The tools aren’t available yet to use that attention to generate a livelihood…(snip)… With the current state of ad tools, for the rest of us to make cash on the level that the pro bloggers are making, we need a salesperson selling our inventory. (and more good stuff here)
Mernit comment: Yep, you got it. But recognize that more and more, Amazon, eBay etc are platform companies with available and distributed APIs(eBay is not right now but they support lots of developers)–and the long tail will allow more and more small businesses (ie individuals) to create and sell goods and services–as well as advertising.
I think that for bloggers etc the $$ will move from 95% ad revenue, 5% transactions to 40% transactions, 60% ad revenue–a sigificant shift and one that shows individuals paying each other for things.