New and noted

AP, Wireless in US-So why does only 57% of the US population use wireless mobile, just 3% more than the island of Jamaica? According to a recent AP story, one of the main factors is an inferior network; another is wireless companies’ focus on credit-approved customers–i.e. little focus on the pre-paid phones other countries have
: Hong Seok-hyun, Chairman of JoongAng Ilbo and president of the World Association of Newspapers, will serve as the South Korean Ambassador to the U.S.
Poynter: Lauren Rich Fine, Merrill Lynch Managing Director, just posted excerpts from her report on newspapers in 2004. A snippet: “Newspapers are still a mass market medium, an increasingly important concept as the broadcast industry faces ratings declines and the challenge stemming from personal video recorders. According to the Newspaper Association of America (NAA), 54 percent of adults in top 50 markets read a newspaper each weekday and 63 percent do so on Sunday. Forty-one percent of people between the ages of 18-24 read a paper each day and 49 percent on Sunday. Over a typical week, 79 percent of adults in the top 50 markets read the paper.”
Fine says that the increased buying power of the older adults reading papers offsets their, uh, age, but
it’s hard to buy into a market analysis in which blogs, newsreaders and RSS syndication are never once mentioned.
SF Chronicle names new publisher: Parent company Hearst announced that Frank Vega,
a longtime newspaper exec who is currently chief executive of Detroit Newspapers, is replacing Steve Falk, who emailed the staff that he is “moving on to new opportunities outside The Chronicle.”
Given the new hires in the online side and the announced staff cuts, one wonders what’s next here–this is a paper that should only get better.