Pollard: What can we learn from the Haida—or not

Synchronicity: Last night in Barnes & Noble I was looking at a travel book on Haida Gwaii and the Queen Charlotte islands, a protected area I’ve long dreamed of visiting.
Today, Dave Pollard has a post on the Haida and what we industrialized folk can learn from their history.
Quote: “Think of the problems that we are struggling with today: lack of adequate and affordable health care, housing, education, safe and healthy food, and security in old age. For 9000 years the Haida had none of these problems. They lived within their means. They had an egalitarian society where resources were shared. They learned what they needed to know (and what we would be wise to learn) from studying nature, from each other, and from the stories passed down from previous generations.”
Dave’s conclusion is that looking back at the Haida ultimate won’t help–we’re screwed.
Okay, so that means it’s now time to read Time’s piece on Bush as Man of the Year