Scoble: Selling’em with truth

God, I love Scoble! He’s got a new post on MSN Spaces–first he critiques the service big time, then he tells us everything he likes about it–what a refreshing perspective for a company employee(note I did not say paid shill).
Not paid shill is the genius of Scoble–he works for Microsoft, has access to all the insider info, has an agenda he’s pretty clear about–and he seems very trustworthy–I dig that.
This one guy has done more to warm up Redmond for me than years of PR people.
Soi, some reasons he doesn’t want to use MSN Spaces for his blog:

  1. I can’t totally redesign my MSN Space (I don’t have access to the HTML/CSS that makes up the templates).
  2. I can’t get my own domain (like
  3. I can’t put Google Adsense ads on my blog (and I can’t move or remove MSN’s ads from my blog and I can’t figure out any way to get revenue sharing from MSN).
  4. I can’t get more than 10MB of space. (Only photos count against that limit, but I have 8,400 photos on my hard drive, so can probably fill up the limit pretty quickly).
  5. There’s no developer story (no API you can use to build stuff). I’d like to see developers, like Laszlo, build things like their BlogBlox for MSN Spaces, but that isn’t possible.
  6. There’s no service integration story (no Feedster, Pubsub, Technorati,, Memeorandum links, etc).

And so on..