Steve Rubel and Media’s Visible Future

Steve Rubel and I must have been drinking the same Koolaid. In a recent post , he wrote about eBay and Craig’s List as dominant media properties of the future.
Steve writes:”This will usher in a new era where citizen journalism is directly funded by person-to-person commerce. eBay community bloggers will be able to earn revenues either from their own auction listings or from classified sponsors who choose to advertise on their eBay weblog. In short, eBay will empower consumers to establish a micro version of the media business model that has been around for generations, but only accessible to the big boys. ”
A day earlier, I had written that I thought that in the future Amazon and eBay will be publishing magalogs, 50% of so-called online newspapers will be written by non-staff people, most media will be distributed via RSS and onto mobiles, and comments will be considered as entertaining as posts.
We are starting to see the horizon line of media’s visible future–and we are learning the world is NOT flat.
Update: I said no more whining, but I lied. Blogger chewed this post, too. Damn.