Tim Porter: 10 things journalists could learn from bloggers

Tim Porter references Steve Outing and then has some comments of his own– here are 5 of them–go to his site for complete list:

  • Focus. Good blogs have distinct personalities and themes. The time is past for newspapers to be all things to all people.
  • Print the truth, not just the facts. The L.A. Times’ excellent series on a dysfunctional local hospital shows how powerful a point-of-view can be when it is based on sound reporting.
  • Get local, very local. Find ways, either in print or online, to get the chicken dinner and real people news published. Yes, institutions matter, but people matter more.
  • Give readers access to source material.
  • Add multiple RSS feeds to your web site.

Tim’s list–and his live links to examples–are very useful to everyone thinking about these issues–and looking for ways to educate colleagues.