Tsunami & the Global Village

The post-Christmas tsunami in Asia, and the resulting devastation, has brought people together on a global basis in what feels like a new way. On one level, the outpouring of information and aid is impressive–There are survivors who have started blogs to share stories, vacationers sharing stories of how they (barely) survived their vacation, and local writers in Sri Lanka and India, in particular, writing about the suffering, loss, and yes, progress. The news media has covered the disaster in depth, the (cooperative) Wikipedia News team has provided their own resources, and big companies and grassroots coalitions are sending money and support. And no one is arguing about bloggers and journalists–everyone is giving what they have to offer.

A by no means exhaustive list of links follows:
The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Blog
A cooperative blog started to carry news, aid info and in search of links post disaster.
To volunteer to help on this blog go
here .

Jeff Jarvis is covering the coverage, with great links.
So is
And Robert
Some first hand accounts
Raterstorf WW AdventureScott Raterstorf and family went to Thailand. They thought it was a vacation, not a fight to survive.
Crossroads Dispatches, Evelyn Rodriguez–Marketing exec survives.
Pukhet Tsunami, Rick Van Feldt –story of what happened.
Stories of survivall, Sankha Subhra Som is collecting.
Extra, ExtraFred writes from Sri Lanka.

News round ups
CyberJournalist.net, Jon Dube
SAJA, News and how you can help

What posts and sites have caught your attention?