Wired: Newspapers really are dying

Missed this Wired article on why newspapers are dying a couple weeks ago from Adam Penenberg, but thought it was right on the money and wanted to share a quote:
“Don’t think for a minute that young people don’t read. On the contrary, they do, many of them voraciously. But having grown up under the credo that information should be free, they see no reason to pay for news. Instead they access The Washington Post website or surf Google News, where they select from literally thousands of information sources. They receive RSS feeds on their PDAs or visit bloggers whose views mesh with their own. In short, they customize their news-gathering experience in a way a single paper publication could never do. And their hands never get dirty from newsprint. ”
Penenberg goes on to cite a recent Online News Association study (.pdf) which reports that 18- to 34-year-olds are far more apt to log on to the internet (46 percent) than watch TV (35 percent), read a book (7 percent), turn on a radio (3 percent), read a newspaper (also 3 percent) or flip through a magazine (less than 1 percent).
Susan sez: A nice read with which to educate (AKA scare) the unconverted.