9/11 recovered photos to be posted on web

Reuters story that 8,000 printed photos scavenged from the debris of the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11 have been digitized and restored by Eastman Kodak and will be placed on a password-protected web site for deceased victims’ relatives to check out–they can then claim photos that belonged to their family members.

Lillian Valenti, chief of the Port Authority’s office of medical services, said: “We strongly believe that recovering photos that once filled office desks and walls in Trade Centre offices will greatly help families who lost loved ones.”
(Via SmartMobs)
This seems really odd to me. First of all it’s a virtual collection of real photos that will clearly take in a life of its own beyond the intended purpose.
Secondly, will the *right* people really claim the right photos?
And is it first come, first served?
Is there one printed copy for each digital one?
And is this really something that will help family members–or just a morbid exercise in overkill?
I can’t begin to guess, but it seems strange.