Accountability in the Armstrong Williams scandal

Over at Press Think, Lisa Stone gives a pretty through evisceration of the Ketchum PR firm/US Dept of Education hiring (aka payoff) of Armstrong Williams and how the PR community has responded.
Lisa says “When Toppo’s story broke Jan. 7, I expected PR bloggers to howl in outrage at this abuse of their professional ethos.” After a review of blogosphere comments by PR folk she asks:

  • Has or hasn’t Ketchum been fined or censured for using taxpayer money for its role in both the Medicare VNR and DOE/Williams media campaigns criticized by the GAO? Why/why not?
  • As part of the Diversified Agency Services (DAS), a division of the Omnicom Group, are Ketchum officers held to the same corporate code of conduct?
  • Does the non-disclosure of Armstrong Williams? arrangement with Ketchum uphold the Omnicom code, both explicitly and in spirit?
  • What are consequences for violating this code of conduct? Within Ketchum? Within Omnicom, the corporation responsible for Ketchum?”

Lisa wants to know who is accounting for the larger issues, beyond blogger ethics and she is asking good questions–read the whole piece for some incisive thought.