Arguing the value of print

Quotes about the value of print from a column running today in the Morris County, NJ Daily Record News: The columnist doesn’t seem to realize Walter Isaacson has any history beyond running the Aspen Institute, but he offers this quote from him:
“Print. If for the past 400 years we’d been getting all of our info electronically, and somebody invented a way to put it on paper and deliver it to our doorsteps so we could read it in the backyard or bath or bus, people would say this new print technology is so wonderful it will replace the Internet.”
He then quotes Randy Siegel, current publisher of Parade:
“At the end of the day, the power of well-written newspapers is unparalleled in providing meaning, connection and context. In our harried daily lives, the human brain can absorb print more intimately and more effectively that the cacophonous, often confrontational messages blaring at us from the electronic media hundreds, if not thousands of times per day.”
I like that word,
unparalleled, because while I love print, it seems inarguable that print –and especially newspaper–audiences are diminishing– no matter how great the printed word is.
(Via John Burke, Editors Weblog)