Chocolate sushi: Someone has to get to the bottom of this

Xeni’s offered to be a (non- Silicon Valley 100) chocolate sushi whore, but I can’t let her take on such a tough job alone. Now that there’s chocolate sushi flooding the net, I have a moral responsibility to track it down and sample every brand.
In fact, I think I have to drive down to Koo-Ki Sushi in San Jose’s Japantown tomorrow at lunch, and sample every variety I can weasel out of them.
And then, I’ll have to force myself to nibble on wobbly bits of fake fish roll from Renee Foote’s Chocolate Sushi line, made with Belgian chocolate and lots of ganache.

P.S. For those of you with sushi USB devices and sushi socks, check out growabrain‘s list of sushi stuff–it’s got food, silliness and more.