Elizabeth Grigg: Thoughts on Biz Blog Summit

Elizabeth Grigg‘s got some observations on the recent Business Blog Summit that have relevance to new conferences and emerging technology seminars beyond this last one. As someone who’s planned her share of these events, I’ve seen the wide variance between the we-drank the Kool-Aid and are preaching to the converted set and the “What the hell is this and it it relevant to me.my business/my life?” consituency –and they are often speaking different languages (in the same room, no less.)
Some Elizabeth G points:

  • Conferences like this need to figure out whether they are something for people already in the business to figure out what’s latest and greatest, or are they for new people considering business blogs. Everyone in attendance had already taken the red pill. Everyone WAS the red pill.
  • People talk about ROI for blogging. The I is investment, presumably time and perhaps bandwidth. This is not the real metric we are interested in. What we’re looking for is return on risk. What is the existence of a blog doing for us that makes it worth risking lawsuits, bungled PR, breach of contract, nondisclosure, and various other mishaps. Side note: of course I believe it’s worth it, but it’s for everyone to measure. ROR seems like a more relevant metric.
  • What about career based blogging. A career is a business on an individual scale. This has its own set of how tos. Are you a linker or a thinker? How to get google juice? Title of article: “The Self Centered Blogger” Ahhh, honesty.

Lots more on her site.
(And more on summit takeaways from SeattlePI’s Brian Chin here.)