“Emerging Technology, Business and Policy for Senior Executives,” February 8-10th

The Media Center seminar/conference on “Emerging Technology, Business and Policy for Senior Executives” on February 8-10th is coming up fast. Working on this has been part of my fellowship, and there are numerous insightful people coming to share ideas and experiences,
The questions the seminar will focus on are as follows:

  • ‘What trends and market disruptions are emerging that will change today’s economic models and alter the digital-media consumer experience?
  • How can established companies look ahead and evaluate these developments…are they opportunities or threats?
  • And how do new tools, services and copyright paradigms reposition the business and social landscape? ‘

It’s a small conference–and expensive–but a great crash course for someone looking for immersion in current issues and bright ideas from innovators.
Post event, there will be write-ups and more info from the conference and notes on Morph, the Media Center blog.