Evelyn Rodriguez: Your blog is your brand–and your life

Evelyn Rodriguez has an eloquent post on blogging, consulting and relationships. She’s reflecting on the link between personal connections and referrals, but then talks about getting hired because of your blog in a way that makes me think blogs aren’t only your brand, they’re your life
And that’s okay, but it’s also kinda scary.
Why scary?
Well, these days, I’m of the tribe that wants to make sure I get a life–so my big thing is to step away from the machine (like it’s Saturday morning, why am I writing this now?), go out and do stuff in the real world, and make the blog doesn’t take the place of any of that–
Which, I suspect, isn’t a problem Evelyn has.
Anyway, it’s a thoughtful post about blog dynamics and relationships, well worth a read.
And Evelyn, I hope sometime we have a chance to meet.