First Read–new Gawker and MediaBistro Blogs

So, like the rest of the world, I took a look at the new Mediabistro and Gawker blogs.
Some first reactions, in no particular order:
FishbowlNY: Honey, where is the RSS feed?
And is Washington the new Brooklyn? Or just where exiled media honchos go nonprofit? (Okay, that was mean.)
And what is this UN and US Army stuff anyway? Give us more stuff about Page Six’s Paula Froelich–that’s what will get clicks on your job ads.
UnBeige: Promising, but still finding its design-y feet.
Lifehacker: Gina T can clearly write, now I want her new tech blog to surprise me. Saucily, as promised.
Gridskipper: Peking, Budapest, Brooklyn, Madridyawn. Help me make some travel decisions, awright?
As for the real deal, Jeff Jarvis has the last word:
“But note what Denton has done twice: He got big-time advertisers to sign onto a product that didn’t even exist yet. Take it from a guy who started a magazine; that doesn’t happen. So why did they do it? Clearly, they wanted to be associated — branded — with the next, new, cool thing. Just being the first in equals branding. That is a value of this new medium: its newness.”