FishbowlNY: New media blog launches tomorrow

In an amazing week of NYTimes media relevance, see today’s story about MediaBistro‘s Elizabeth Spiers and FishBowlNY, the NYC media trade rag she’s launching tomorrow via blog.
The Times is pitching it as clash of the titans, with Gawker publisher Nick Denton and former employee Spiers going head to head, but Paid Content may actually be the site from which Spiers snares traffic.
MB may also end up taking some traffic away from other folks–in addition to FishbowlNY, which will be co-written by Spiers and journo/x-movie guy Christian Moerk, there’s the talented Jen Bekman’s Beige, a design blog, Claire Zulkey‘s MBToolbox,which sounds like useful writerly stuff, and a slew of local DC and LA blogs, enabling MB to build that all important targeted sales network.