Gawker grows, launches new blogs

Papa Denton’s at Gawker‘s got some brand new blogs– Gina Trapani‘s Lifehacker (I dig her, focused on technology(download recommendations and content about spam filters, virus killers, spyware, search engines, e-mail applications, Internet phones, and general productivity tips)–sounds like it’s going after the boingboing crowd–which would be most of us.
And Gridskipper, an urban travel blog (?) written by Andrew Krukoff, one of those I will read anything he’s written NYC guys who’ve written for both Gawker and Gothamist–and who is a wonderful writer with a good sense of humor.
Oh, and they’ve got advertisers–Sony Electronics will sponsor Lifehacker, while Cheaptickets will likely sponsor Gridskipper.
And Steve Rubel got quoted.
(Via MediaPost)
Update: Sony’s paying $25,000 a month for placements on Lifehacker and Gizmondo, says Ad Age (reg. required.)