Good read: Adam Hochschild, Half the Way Home

My brother lent me Mother Jones‘ co-founder Adam Hochschild’s Half the Way Home, A Memoir of Father and Son, and it’s so good I want to recommend it.
Hochschild’s family were German Jews who moved to America– his father and grandfather before him–were industrialists who assimilated into the upper classes, ran a multinational mining conglomerate, and hobnobbed with cabinet ministers, senators, and Presidents. Despite being born to a life of Trump-like privilege, Hochschild ended up a reporter, liberal, and social activist.
This deeply moving book charts the story of the relationship between only child Hochschild and his parents, particularly the autocratic father who seemed to never approve.
Writing with power and restraint, Hochschild recreates the family dynamic with vivid anecdotes and sharp observations, sharing insights and wisdom that have relevance beyond his own history.
Now that I’ve read this one, I plan to go through Hochschild’s other books as well, starting with The Mirror at Midnight: A South African Journey.