Google-plat: Building a smarter ad platform

Gary Stein’s talked to Rich Skrenta at Topix and reports on the “extra” Google Ad Sense information Topix is able to load into the JavaScript ad word tags, giving much more detailed individual user targeting to ad serving (like the site knows he’s interested in publishing!)
John Battelle reports on the new Google Ad Sense program and describes it as a move to an API and a platform/infrastructure–comparable to what’s happened with eBay and Amazon‘s platform efforts spurring new businesses, etc.–The main story’s here, but once again Battelle describes it on the most cogent manner.
Update: Silicon Valley Watcher reports the new Google Adwords: Improved Adwords Conversion Tracking will ” track conversions not just from Adwords, but also Overture, emails, banner ads, and all other sorts of online advertising campaigns. This allows the merchant to compare the campaigns against each other. ”