New: Pew report on search engine usage

Brand new PEW report on search engine usage(36 page PDF here) . Some highlights:

  • 84% of internet users have used search engines. On any given day, 56% of those online use search engines.
  • 92% of those who use search engines say they are confident about their searching abilities, with over half of them, 52%, saying they?re ?very confident?.
  • 87% of searchers say they have successful search experiences most of the time, including some 17% of users who say they always find the information for which they are looking.
  • 68% of users say that search engines are a fair and unbiased source of information; 19% say they don?t place that trust in search engines.


  • 50% of searchers say could go back to other ways of finding information; 32% say they can?t live without search engines; and 17% say could let them go tomorrow.
  • 47% of searchers will use a search engine no more than once or twice a week; 35% of searchers will use a search engine at least once a day.

AND only 38% of searchers are aware of a distinction between paid and unpaid search results.
(Via BoingBoing)